“My earliest memories are of hiding in the cupboards of my mom’s cafeteria in Lima, Peru.



I would sneak in treats and eat until I passed out or someone caught me.  I guess you can say I’ve always been a bit of a foodie.


Growing up, I would watch my mother and sisters cooking elaborate meals, preserving our Peruvian heritage one dish at a time. It wasn’t until my junior year spent abroad in Italy that I really started experimenting in the kitchen.  I found myself trying to replicate the dishes from my childhood by memory and by taste, calling my mom for instructions, and shopping at the local markets on a daily basis for the freshest ingredients.   Interestingly, it wasn’t until I visited another country with a strong food tradition that my own culinary heritage emerged.


I’ve spent the last few years after graduating from Middlebury College working in the environmental field, volunteering with Slow Food Vermont, and always dabbling in the kitchen.  I love feeding people and sharing my culture through food.  I cook with humility, hard-work, and heart — the qualities taught to me by my mamá.   I look forward to seeing you at the Market and sharing a little piece of Peru with Vermont.”


Mucho Gusto,